How to Get Paid on the Internet (Payoneer Vs PayPal)

If you are working online or thinking about working online from home, you obviously need to know how to get paid on the internet. Should you use PayPal or Payoneer?

The table below shows a quick comparison between the 2 services.

Features PayPal Payoneer
Collect payments on your website Yes No
Accepting payments from companies Yes Yes
Create a virtual bank account No Yes
Create a Mastercard Yes Yes
Available (almost) worldwide No Yes
Stricter policies No Yes

Table showing pros and cons of Paypal & Payoneer

This article will compare the 2 services to help readers choose the service they want to use to get paid on the internet. But first…

An Alternate Method

In my dashboard on CJ Affiliate, an affiliate network, you can see that I made around one thousand dollars from affiliate marketing on this website.

If you go into my account settings, you will see under “Payment information” that my bank account is directly linked to the site.


So one method of getting paid online is by linking your bank account to the company, allowing them to deposit the money directly into your bank account.

The second method, which is more popular, is using a financial service that will manage and secure the payments between you and all companies online. Again the 2 websites we will discuss here are and (these two services will help you get paid online).

So let’s talk about 6 things to consider when choosing between PayPal and Payoneer.

1. Collecting payments on your website

If you want to buy a course from Udemy academy, you will have to pay inside the website. While completing your purchase, you will see that you can pay with PayPal, so PayPal allows you to get paid directly inside your website.

Note: Payoneer doesn’t have an option to get payments within a website like PayPal does.

2. Accepting payments from companies

If you go into Udemy, a company that allows you to create, buy and sell online courses, you will see that it can activate both PayPal or Payoneer to accept payments. If this feature interests you, then you won’t be missing out no matter which service you end up choosing.

3. Create a virtual bank account

If you didn’t know, Google Adsense is simply a service from Google that allows you to monetize your website with Ads and make money online.

If you go inside “Payments” on my Google Adsense dashboard, you will see that when managing your payments methods, it allows you to connect a bank account created by using Payoneer.

Payoneer allows you to create virtual bank accounts outside your country, you can then withdraw the money in them to the bank account in your country easily.

Hassan’s Payoneer Account Sample

With PayPal, you can connect your bank account directly to get paid on the internet, but you can’t create new virtual bank accounts.

4. Create a Mastercard

Using PayPal or Payoneer, you can create Mastercards and withdraw money anywhere, worldwide.

5. Availability

Payoneer is available almost worldwide while PayPal is only available in a list of countries. So if you happen to live in a country where PayPal isn’t available, you might have no choice but to go with Payoneer if you want to get paid on the internet.

6. Policies

Payoneer has more strict policies, like not allowing the transfer of money for giveaways, while PayPal is less strict and does in fact allow transferring money for giveaways. 

Now you can get paid

As you can see both financial services have their advantages and it’s easy to see how online business owners and people looking to get paid online, in general, can benefit from using at least one, if not both, of these services.

We hope this article has successfully helped you make a choice between PayPal and Payoneer. Any questions? Reply below!

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